The mission of Reading NOW is to collaborate with the
community, schools and parents to provide READING and MATH
instructional support to Kindergarten through 12th grade students,
which will create (1) strong, strategic readers (2) life-long literate learners and (3) improve confidence and self-esteem!

Reading NOW focuses on administering specific diagnostic assessments to determine what skills students need, followed by CUSTOMIZED tutoring and instruction, geared towards meeting each individual students’ needs as a reader.

Reading NOW provides assessment and tutoring services in Math and Reading.  Students are administered diagnostic assessments to determine reading or math instructional needs, and a detailed tutoring plan is developed to address the student's needs.  However, we use the assessments to allow us to draw on the strengths of each learner!  For example, strong background knowledge will allow Reading NOW to develop a plan to draw on a child's rich vocabulary to help fluency and comprehension.