After your initial assessment, report and review conference, parents have the opportunity to register their child for small group tutoring sessions lasting 1 hour, held twice a week at our facility. 

The small group tutoring sessions consist of 1 to 3 students MAXIMUM with similar reading or math instructional needs, which are determined by the initial screening data. Your child is taught by certified specialists, who have additional training and/or specialization in the area of reading/literacy instruction, or math instruction.  Your child keeps the same specialist for their entire tutoring program, to keep consistency, and more importantly, build communication and trust between Reading NOW and your family.

• Each reading tutoring session consists of specific instruction in the five Scientifically Based Reading Research (SBRR) components of phonics, fluency, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. These five components are the areas identified by the National Reading Panel, through the review of the latest research in reading instruction, that are necessary for students to have in order to become successful readers.

What about school?  Won't this confuse my child?

This is one of our most frequent questions... and we design a plan so that our tutoring actually reinforces what they are doing in class.  How?

Activities, terminology, reading strategies and skills are highly correlated to what students do in their school setting. This link allows your child to make connections and easily transfer the reading skills and strategies learned in the tutoring session to their reading work at school. This transfer and connection of skills and strategies promotes more positive results for students’ reading achievement, and improves their CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM!

After each hour long session, your child's personal specialist will review with you specifically what they worked on, and you will likely be sent home with a small activity designed to reinforce what was done in tutoring.  These activities are purposely designed to be done together with you, the parent, so your child can demonstrate their newly acquired skills.